HIPPO English Language Olympiad – English Without Borders

HIPPO English Language Olympiad – English Without Borders

This year, our school will be participating in the 8th International English Language Olympiad
– English Without Borders.

Hippo “English Without Borders” Olympiad is an international Olympiad which promotes English language, challenges students around the globe to compete in English language knowledge, and improves the co-operation between teachers.

GLOBAL HIPPO ASSOCIATION is a non-profit organisation founded with the purpose of promoting the importance of English language knowledge and bringing together children from different countries.

The Olympiad will be held in three rounds:

  • preliminary round: 21 st February 2020 (Matija Gubec International School)
  • semifinal round: 27 th -28 th March 2020 (Križevci, Croatia)
  •  final round: 15 th -17 th May 2020 (Lido di Jesolo, Italy)


The participants will compete in 6 categories (4 regular and 2 special).

Regular categories:

  • 3rd year and younger – Little HIPPO
  • 4th and 5th year – HIPPO 1
  •  6th year – HIPPO 2
  • 7th and 8th year – HIPPO 3

Special categories:
Special categories are aimed at students who are considered bilingual according to the Hippo Olympiad regulations. Students that are considered bilingual are the ones who were born or have lived and attended school for at least 3 years in an English speaking country as well as those who live in a non-English speaking country but attend English/American International or a specialized school.

  • HIPPO S1 - Students born in 2006 and younger
  • HIPPO S2 - Students born in 2001 and younger

The deadline for the enrolment and handing in all needed documents (singed copy of parent’s agreement and proof of payment) is 20 th December 2019.

More about the Olympiad and the organisation:
Sample papers from previous Olympiads:

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