Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

What I love about my early years students is the way they think once you challenge them to think, inquire and discuss, conclude and reflect.

Throughout our second Unit of Inquiry, we spent a lot of time inquiring the concept of home, we investigated homes around the world, what makes the difference between a house and a home. What is it that makes some house/place a home? What do their ideal homes have and/or look like? We even visited a real construction site near our school, but that deserves another text, so be patient...

Who were those three little pigs we met in a story, and what makes the youngest brother pig the smartest one?

Finally, how to team up, how to cooperate and build something of our own. That was a challenge, of course, but not the one we could not overcome and learn from.

Thank you all for coming to our Unit Presentation that morning. It was short, but sweet.

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