Exhibition ‘If I forget you…’

Exhibition ‘If I forget you…’

On February 12th as an integral part of the English and History Interdisciplinary Unit 'Teaching tolerance through literature and media' the MYP3 students visited the exhibition entitled 'If I forget you... The Holocaust in Croatia 1941-1945/Final destination Auschwitz' organised by the Croatian History Museum at the French Pavilion of the Zagreb Student Centre. 

It was very educational to see the exhibition since there were some artefacts that originated from the time of WWII. The exhibition is organized at the authentic site in a special way showing the painful and tragic destinies of people that were sent to concentration camps, but also the stories of brave individuals who risked their lives to save their neighbours. The stories of people really gave perspective to me and they were quite touching.


Mia (MYP3)

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