Transitioning to Online Learning PYP

Transitioning to Online Learning PYP

Dear Students and Parents,


As you all already know, schools in Croatia are being closed from Monday 16th March. We know that you might be having lots of questions, and we will try to answer them as soon as possible. It is a new situation for us, worldwide, but we have already started organizing options for online learning.


Some sessions will be presented in the simple powerpoint presentation, the others will be available for them to practice by playing online games and/or filling in online assigned worksheets ( platform), for which you will get the codes and we will be informed when they are finished, to set the score for their effort.


Please provide a feedback at the end of the day whether your child managed to do all the tasks in a timely manner. It will be very helpful for us to prepare the tasks for the following days.


Each of the tasks will have a due date, therefore the time management is up to you. We are also aware that some of them might not be acquainted with the technology well enough, but children learn fast and we will try to make it as simple as possible. Please keep in mind that these online classes substitute regular classes and all the work they do will be equal to their work during regular lessons. 


We are still considering different options for online learning, so please be patient with your inquiries and please support them and us. 

There is a great number of educational websites they can use in these special times. Also, Croatian children are advised to watch the Croatian Television, Channel 3 for there will be a special daily program for all. On SportsTV, students will be able to follow different sports activities. However, we should all think about limiting media consumption and limit the time they spend using media. That is why we will try to plan accordingly, for them not to spend the whole morning/afternoon in front of their screens.

Be well and stay healthy. We will keep in touch! 

PYP Team

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