International Celebration Week

International Celebration Week

Every year at MGISZ students and parents spend countless hours preparing for one of the best days of the year, International Community Day, that we annually mark in October.

With such an international student body, it is no surprise that we dedicate this day each year to learning about the world. We celebrated the variety of cultures, heritages and backgrounds that each student brings to our unique community.

This year we embraced the celebration by showcasing within our grade-level 'bubbles' during the International Celebration Week from October 26th to 30th.

We were introduced to the favourite facts about the students' country of origin as they took us on a trip around the world. We saw various videos and presentations with special artefacts, traditional costumes and music that demonstrate the unique values and culture of their heritage. With a little help from our students' parents, we have learned new words in different languages.

During the International Celebration Week our school cafeteria menu offered international cuisine featuring dishes from around the world. Among others we enjoyed Italian, Mexican, Chinese and American food. 

We would like to thank our students and our families for their help.

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