Return to school

Return to school

Dear MYP Parents and Students,

It is our pleasure to confirm that after two weeks of remote learning we switch back to the Model Teaching A, which means that as of Monday, February 1st face-to-face lessons will be reintroduced for the MYP students.

Please be kindly reminded of a set of many procedures and precautionary measures that the students and parents are expected to adhere so the school can follow the guidelines for health and safety:

Smart School Life to Prevent Covid-19’

To enhance our students’ safety and well-being we are expanding our school’s efforts to prepare for an emergency. We will be conducting emergency practice drills to help maintain our school as a safe place to learn and work. It is our hope that consistent training and practice will enable everyone to recognize and respond to various security concerns.

We are looking forward to seeing our students back to school!

MYP Team

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