Stay Safe Online

Stay Safe Online

Dear Parents,

We will be highlighting online safety for the month of February across our curriculum to encourage our students to practice safe use of digital and online technologies.

Herewith we are sharing some useful resources to help you talk to your child about online safety:

1) Online Safety - for Students

  • describes the ways to make the Internet a safer place
  • encourages students’ confidence around online safety

2) Online Safety - for Parents

  • guidelines how to monitor and improve your child’s online safety and how to encourage responsible and respectful behaviour on social media platforms
  • a list of some free parental control software (family safety tools) which block inappropriate sites and track online activities

3) Online Safety Rules

  • sample of a set of online safety rules
  • parents are recommended to set up the responsible online behaviour rules together with their children, write them down and display in a visible place

4) Internet Addiction

  • symptoms and consequences of internet addiction
  • some advice how to reduce the screen-time of your children and how to help them overcome an internet addiction

5) Britannica’s Guide to Keeping Safe Online

6) Social Media Policy

  • the purpose of the Social Media Policy is to provide guidelines about the ways that all members of the Matija Gubec International School community (staff, students, parents) are expected to use social media platforms.


We hope these resources may help you guide your child to be a responsible online citizen.

MYP Team

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