School Competition News

School Competition News

Dear Students and Parents,

Here you can get a glimpse of the results of the competitions that our MYP students took part in.

Computer Science

The regional competition in Computer Science was held in the beginning of March, with six representatives from our school. Our IB student Zoe has managed to qualify in the top ten in the programming FMS Logo category, thereby earning an invitation to the national finals that was held in mid-April.

In the national finals, out of all the students in Croatia, Zoe’s result in the category Logo was 4th place overall. Because of this she has earned a spot in the Croatian Computer Science Olympiad, and after that she is facing new challenges in the form of mathematics and robotics competitions. 

Teacher Marko Š.



Zoe (MYP1) passed the school Maths competition and qualified for the Maths Competition of the City of Zagreb that was held on March 29th. Zoe achieved great results and ranked in third place thereby earning an invitation to the national finals that was held in mid-May. She ranked in tenth place at the national finals. Congratulations, Zoe!!!


World Robot Olympiad

Our Gubex Enterprise IB Team - Mark, Edgar and Zoe (MYP1) participated at the World Robot Olympiad that was held online. The World Robot Olympiad gives students all the opportunity to develop their creativity and problem solving skills in a fun and engaging way. Our team won third place in the state competition. Dear Mark, Edgar and Zoe, warmest congratulations on your amazing achievement!



Erika and Arho, MYP3 students passed the school French competition and qualified for the French Language Competition of the City of Zagreb that was held on March 16th at Pavlek Miškina Primary School.   


DELF exam

Traditionally during the month of March MYP2 and MYP3 students attending French as an optional subject take part in an international exam called DELF.

This year, 8 of our students - Milla, Jurja, Arho, Erika, Iskra, Mia, Sasha and Fran K. took part and we are sure that each one of them will receive the only qualifications recognized by the French Ministry of Education and we hope that French language will help them achieve professional and personal goals later in the future.


Visual Art & Design Exhibition (LIK 2021)

Our school has traditionally the pleasure of hosting the Visual Art and Design Exhibition - Contest of the primary and secondary school students of the City of Zagreb. Our students, under the guidance of the Visual Art teacher Ms. Ivana Devernay Cimić, participated with a great enthusiasm and created their artwork related to this year’s theme ‘Portrait and Self-portrait’. We would like to congratulate to the MYP3 students - Erika, Iskra, Kirill and Nikolina whose work has been selected for the county-level exhibition.


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