Field Trip to Kvarner and Istria

Field Trip to Kvarner and Istria

From May 26th to 28th we went on a field trip to Kvarner and Istria.

On the first day we took a hiking tour along the Land Art Trail in the Učka Nature Park. This trail is a combination of artistic interventions in the land art and rock art forms, and the natural beauty of Učka Nature Park. Everything was so colourful, both flowers and drawings on the rock. Nature in Učka is beautiful -  big forests, idyllic pastures, white cliffs. After a tour we visited the Učka Visitor Centre that was officially opened on May 25th, a day before our visit. We were amazed with the exhibition, which, in a modern and interactive way, teaches visitors about the natural and cultural values ​​of the Park and the need for its protection and preservation. We got to know how the karst relief was formed, encountered with the world of bats, experienced Učka's idyll, starry sky, griffon vultures in flight, the legendary Učka fairies and explored other facts about natural, cultural and historical heritage.

On the second day we visited the Karlić Family Estate where we were warmly welcomed and got an opportunity to taste delicious truffle products. But a fun task was ahead of us - an hour-long truffle hunt with two truffle seeking dogs – Betty and Candy. It was such a wonderful experience.

After lunch we visited the Pietrapelosa Castle, a medieval castle located above the Mirna River on an elevation between Buzet and Livade. Its name literally means a hairy fortress because it is located in the middle of dense vegetation. For centuries it held an excellent military and defensive position, today is partially in ruins, but in 2020 was renovated and equipped with interactive screens that conveyed the castle's history and legends to us.

On the third day we enjoyed a boat cruise in the Kvarner Bay and took a sightseeing tour of the towns of Opatija and Rijeka. In Rijeka’s city centre we visited the Peek & Poke Computer Museum where we stepped into the past while exploring more than 1000 exhibits from calculators and game consoles to old computers from the 20th century.

We really had a great time on a trip and the perfect sunny weather made this trip even more enjoyable. We had a nice and adventurous break from the school routine that deepened our learning and helped us discover so many new things.


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