Nothing special. Just our first – graders climbing the school's climbing wall ;)

Nothing special. Just our first – graders climbing the school's climbing wall ;)

Please check our gallery. We are aware that the children are not properly dressed in their PE kit. But you know how they say it. The best things in life sometimes happen unexpectedly. That is exactly how we decided to enjoy climbing before having lunch on that particular day. The next time we will do it during our PE lesson. You can expect an update soon.

„At some stage most kids are climbing up everything in sight so why not take them to a gym or wall designed for that very purpose and let them enjoy doing it in a safe and ridiculously fun environment.

Dedicating a period of time to any physical activity is an important part of a child's life. It gets them away from the T.V, iPad or their phone for an hour or so and helps to burn a load of energy, helping them sleep well and improvin fitness.

Climbing is brilliant at improving children's flexibility, balance and general strength, all important elements in day-to-day tasks for younger kids and especially toddlers.

As they spend more time climbing, their skill and technique will improve and their general confidence should take a boost as they are able to climb harder routes.

Aside from the physical benefits, climbing is a great way for children to develop their social skills. Unlike other sports (where they may be spread out over a large area), the kids are all interacting in a small space, ideal for making friends. That and the act of climbing encourages your little one to communicate with others, build trust and work as part of a team.

It also helps with listening and acting on instructions – requiring them to concentrate, focus and understand the importance of safety.“


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